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Since 2013, Eat From Farms (EFF) has been providing a time-saving online system for direct-to-consumer sales. It's ideal for individual farms, as well as for farm markets wanting to offer a coordinated pre-ordering option. It's NOW available at a cost EVERY farm & market can readily afford --- $9 per month!





Website Options - Yours or Ours

You can develop an attractive, phone friendly website on our EFF platform. Or our EFF ordering system can work with your current website.


Here is a demo site we created using our system - http://demofarmmeats.com


No computer tech person is required. The system has been designed to be used by anyone who can access the internet. Changes can be made at will. Live updates occur as soon as they are saved. Answers to questions are a phone call away.


Offer Online Ordering

At a cost of $9 per month, why wouldn't you give your visitors an opportunity to place an order? Whether you're an individual farmer, or a market full of vendors looking for group pre-orders, our online system is convenient and affordable.If you don't offer online ordering, sales are lost!


If it's midnight or 6 AM, no one is going to call you. In fact, most won't make the effort to call or compose an email, regardless of the time of day. And if they don't place an order while on your site, there's a good chance they never will.


Question: How many times have YOU found a website that interested you, vowed to return "when you had a chance", and never made it back?


When selling farm foods, a missing shopping cart = MISSED SALES.


Fortunately, we offer a $9 per month solution that is easy to deploy and use!


Your EFF shopping cart system is open for business 24/7. Include as many products as you want - no limits. Turn seasonal products on and off with a click so they don't clutter up your offerings when not available.


In addition to simply selling food, the EFF platform can be used to build email lists, encourage market pre-orders, attract new customers, develop buying clubs, simplify wholesale ordering. It even includes a mapping system for handling home deliveries, if that's your niche.


Most of all, our farmers use it to add convenience for customers, and for themselves. Ordering and order processing become much more organized and automated, dramatically reducing the juggling of phone, email, and text messages.



A post hole digger doesn't build a fence for you, but it sure makes the job easier. The same is true of our EFF system. It's an invaluable tool that makes the whole process of selling farm food easier. And it's a bargain.


Order Here - https://www.simpleurl.com/secure/eatfromfarms/

Collaborative Marketing

Since marketing as a group has many advantages, we've included tools to make that easier, for those who want to take that approach. Overall control can be in the hands of a primary farmer (you), or in the case of an actual farmers market, the market manager.

Each participating business:

The primary farmer or manager finalizes orders and controls the money. For each delivery/pickup date, the total sales are broken down by vendor.

Product Availability

The inventory you make available for online ordering updates in real time. As orders are placed, available quantities are instantly reduced. "Out Of Stock" appears for any products which reach a quantity of 0.


As a result, customers can submit orders, knowing what they want is in stock. And they can't order more than you have available. Our database-driven inventory system eliminates many headaches.


In the master list image below, each number on the right is the current available quantity. As new stock becomes available, quantities are updated for any or all products. The revised inventory can then be saved with a single Save Information click.


Items you want to temporarily remove from the visible inventory can be unchecked on the left, and then turned on again when more becomes available.

Use the  boxes on the right to update your inventory quantities and then Save.










Variable Weight Products

Our programming and automation handles that for you. Customers place orders based on the approximate weights you preset for each type of item (see images above and below).


When you fulfill an order, you type the actual product weight (0.84 in image below) into the order page and save it. Our automation immediately updates all the math.


When you have finished with the order, the "Finalize" button is clicked. That triggers a detailed email with correct pricing to be sent to your customer. A detailed invoice is also recorded in their Customer Account. If it was a credit card order, the card is automatically processed for the correct amount and confirmed as paid.


Insert the actual weight of the product - 0.84, and click Save.










Farm Pickup

With Farm Pickup, customers can order from your inventory at any time. Pickup is individually arranged to work with your schedule. If you want to have scheduled pickup times at your farm, you can set up your farm location as a delivery location, while turning off the Farm Pickup option.



Delivery Locations/Home Delivery

In your EFF account, you can set up as many delivery locations as you need. For each location, you schedule delivery dates and times. Cutoff times you preset prevent last minute orders.


Many farmers set up their Farmers Markets as delivery locations to encourage pre-orders. We've created postal mailings for others to germinate new delivery locations in targeted neighborhoods.


For each specific location and delivery date, our programming automatically groups all of the orders for simple processing. It also creates a pick list and other order fulfillment and delivery aids (see image below).


Some EFF farmers offer home delivery for an added fee. There is robust support built into the EFF system for that service as well, at no extra cost. In addition to organizing the orders, our home delivery map show the locations of the homes.


Home Delivery


Beyond that, it lists all the orders below the map, along with relevant information about the orders. Upon the click of a button, our route optimizer works for as many as 24 addresses. However, if you have more orders, or if you don't like the route it provides, you can manually adjust the delivery order by literally dragging orders up or down the list with your mouse. The map will instantly update as you change the order of the stops.

As a final note, home delivery can be a stand-alone offer, or it can be coupled with a delivery location. In that case, you meet those who agree to come to the meeting location (the Customer Pickup List tab in the image above) during a 30 minute window, and you do the remaining home deliveries before/after the scheduled meet up time.

As you can see, if you are doing home delivery, our system will totally organize and streamline the entire process.

Customers & Email Lists
Each farm customer has an account with useful features.

Customers placing online orders automatically have a Customer Account which maintains copies of their invoices, as well as delivery location and mailing preferences.


Our system automatically tracks your customers and compiles your group email lists by delivery location and in a master list.



Payment Options

You can offer customers up to five payment options when placing orders - online and in-person credit cards, cash, checks, and draws against a prepaid Buyer Account balance. Simply turn on the options you want to offer. Online credit card processing cost is 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction. There is no monthly fee or hardware to buy.



Farmer Sites & Demo Tour


Want to see some of our EFF farmer websites?

Want to see a demo site? Click to http://demofarmmeats.com/

Want a DEMO tour of the back end software for that site?
Scroll to the bottom of this page and contact me.




We offer full phone and email support to all our farmers. We can do that because our system is very easy to learn and use. If you need help, call or write to us with details.


Feel free to ask for farmer testimonials. We have them!





Your cost to offer online ordering through our EFF platform, with all our time-saving automation, is only a $9 per month account fee!


It doesn't matter if you add on to a current website, or if you use our integrated website builder to create or convert your website. Either way, for $9 per month, you can have our shopping cart system available for customers.


The signup cost is $36. That covers the account fee for the first four months. We also have an EFF referral program --- refer other farms to us, get a 3 month ($27) credit.


You can submit your request for an EFF account here -



You will be contacted to confirm your order before your credit card is charged.



Give George A Call

President George Washington. Good luck calling him!

Not THAT George!!

Today, most people expect to have the opportunity to order products online. If you don't offer that convenience, you're losing some orders.


You can spend good money for a typical shopping cart system that doesn't work well for most farm products.

Or, you can use our system. It was specifically designed to handle the unique needs of most farms..

And, with a $9 monthly account fee, even the smallest of farms can readily afford it.

PLUS, we have a farmer referral program. We offer a $27 (3 month) account fee credit for any EFF farmers or vendors you refer to us.

Beyond that, it may be available without cost if it replaces a hosting fee you currently pay for a website. It will surely reduce your cost if you currently pay a web designer to make updates on an existing website.

Act Now!

Our EFF farmers are reaping benefits. In each case, it started with a conversation about their farm business.

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